Toro LX468


The Toro LX468 ride-on mower has a larger mower deck and more powerful engine than the Toro LX423 and Toro LX427. A Kohler designed and built Courage 2-cylinder engine provides the LX 468 with 22 hp. A hydrostatic transmission is used to transfer power from the engine to the wheels. This makes changing gears unnecessary. Instead, it only has a pedal to control how fast it goes, just like an automatic car.

The deck of the Toro LX468 mower is powered by an electric PTO. This rotates the 2 blades. The cutting width of the mower deck on the LX 468 is 46 inches, but note that the overall width of the mower deck is approximately 10 inches higher due to the discharge flap located on the side. It has a top speed of 8. 9 km/h (5. 5 mph). This makes it a perfect machine for cutting from 1 acre up to 5 acres. If you are mowing larger areas than this, you should try a larger Toro mower.

Although the Toro LX468 has a 46-inch width of cut, it has a very low turning radius of just 0. 38 m (15 inches), making it capable of working in tight and difficult areas. The LX 468 also comes with cruise control that makes it easy to mow large, open areas. Each front wheel measures 15″x6″ (15 inches in diameter, 6 inches wide) while each rear tire measures 20″x8″ (20 inches in diameter, 8 inches wide). Because Toro makes a wide variety of attachments for this machine, it’s much more than just a mower. It can be used for snow removal with a 46-inch front blade or a 42-inch 2-stage snowthrower. Accessories such as utility carts, aerators and lawn sweepers can also be attached to it.

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