Poulan Pro 460ZX


The Zero Poulan Pro 460zx spinstress is a mi d-range model of Poulan very similar to Poulan Pro 461zx, but not as powerful as the Poulan Pro 540zx or the Poulan Pro 541ZX. The 460ZX platform is 46 inches wide (which you could have conjectured of the name). It is a printed steel, ventilated roof system that connects by an electrical clutch. The host has 2 blades that can cut up to 2. 5 cm above the ground. However, if you are going to cut especially wet or long, you can raise it to a height up to 10 cm above the grass. The cutcase platform rises and lowers in hal f-inch increases.

The engine that activates the Poulan Pro 460ZX Speaker platform is a Briggs and Stratton Professional Series engine. This monocylindrical model has a power of 19. 5 hp. The fuel tank from where the engine extracts gasoline can contain up to 11. 4 liters (3 gallons USA). The Briggs and Stratton engine of 460ZX transmits the power to the wheels through a double Hydro-Gear Ezt hydrostatic transmission. It is this transmission that allows the operator to control each rear wheel independently and perform radio zero turns. The maximum zer o-rotation cutting speed with this transmission is 10. 5 km/h.

Poulan pro 460zx is the most suitable for gardens whose size oscillates between 1 acre and approximately 5 acres. If your garden measures less than one acre, it will be much cheaper to use a smaller and cheaper machine. While if it is bigger, then you can find more efficient to use a zer o-rotation host with a larger width such as Poulan Pro 540zx.

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