Kubota L245


The Kubota L245 tractor was manufactured for 9 years, since 1976, when it was built by Kubota in its Japanese assembly plant, until it stopped being manufactured in 1985. In addition to the normal L245, there are also 2 variants, the Kubota L245DT which is the same the sameThat the normal L245 tractor, except that it is built on a 4 × 4 mfwd 4wd chassis. The high clearance model is known as Kubota L245HC. The 3 tractors are propelled by an engine made by Kubota. This is the Diesel model DH1101. It is a 3-cylinder engine with a 1. 1-liter displacement. This gives a power of 25 hp. The engine is refrigerated by liquid with a cooling system that needs 6. 6 liters of refrigerant to fill it from an empty state. The engine oil capacity is 4. 9 liters. The admission air passes through an air filter of paper elements to clean it of impurities before entering the combustion chamber. The engine starts with a 12 volt battery.

The 25 hp are directed to the wheels through a transmission that provides the Kubota L245 8 marches when it circulates forward and 2 in reverse. The transmission box is controlled by a dry disc clutch and needs 33 liters of oil to fill completely. As this tractor is of a previous generation comes with an open command post. If you want a cabin, you will have to adapt one of another model or try to build it yourself. It is so old that at the time the antivuelco bar (Rops) was optional.

The wheelbase of the L245 is 1. 55 m (61. 2 inches) for the 4WD version (Kubota L245dt) while the 2WD version has a wheelbase of 1. 6 m (63 inches). The maximum ballast weight that the tractor can support is 1, 720 kg. When it works normally, the 2WD version weighs 996 kg, while the 4WD version, the Kubota L245DT weighs 1080 kg.

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