John Deere 455


When most people hear about the John Deere 455, they think of the mower John Deere produced from 1992-2001, not the JD 455 planter. Therefore, in this review we will only be talking about the mower, not the planter. But if you’d like to do your own bead drill review in the comment section below, then we’d greatly appreciate it.

The John Deere 455 is another heavy duty mower produced by John Deere Deere. Its 3-cylinder Yanmar diesel engine (that’s right folks, it’s not a gas engine) produces a whopping 22bhp, making the 455 very powerful. Additionally, it comes with a 4. 5 foot wide platform, which can be reduced to 4 feet or upgraded to 5 feet for greater reach.

The 455 tips the scales at a very heavy 965lbs (that’s almost 440kg for those of you in Europe) and unlike most ride on mowers, the JD 455’s engine is liquid cooled. All this makes it a very resistant vehicle that incorporates power steering and cruise control. Like many of John Deere’s larger mowers, the 455 isn’t intended for home use (unless, of course, you’re lucky enough to have a huge yard). Rather it is used on a commercial scale in parks and sports fields.

You can imagine using 22hp just for mowing grass would be wasteful. Luckily, there are plenty of accessories for the John Deere 455. It can fit a front loader, snowthrower, front-mounted grass cutting blades, cultivator, aerator, or spreader. This huge number of possible accessories (not all of which have actually been listed here) for the 455 was made possible by its longevity (which allowed time for more accessories to be developed for it) and obviously also its power.

The 455 is still a relatively new model when you consider some of John Deere’s older mower models. So it’s a fantastic buy if you can get a decent used one, especially when you consider all the accessories that can be added.

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