Cub Cadet CC94M


The Sel f-propelled CCC94M Sel f-Propular Speech is largely an improved version of the CCC46es CUBC46s. This is because although CC 94 m is the same engine size at 0. 173 liters and the same cutting width in 21 inches. It has a very different characteristic that is the ability to control the speed of the grass cutter using a southern cadet cadet rear traction, variable speed transmission. This allows you to accelerate in the lines and reduce the speed by turning in the curves.

The rear wheels of the CC94M CCC94M have a diameter of 0. 23 m (9 inches) while the fronts have a diameter of 0. 2 m (8 inches). Both wheels have an industrial thread that offers adequate grip. It is also important to note that CC 94 m is rear traction while CC 46 is fron t-wheel drive. A 2. 5 BUSHEL tidker can be attached at the back of the machine to collect cut grass cuts. Cub Cadet is a quality brand that has years of experience in the manufacture of machines that resist the passage of time. That is why they have included a limited guarantee that covers CC 94 m for 3 years.

The Sel f-propelled Sel f-Proprosity Platform CC94M can be adjusted from 1 inch above the ground to 3. 5 inches above the ground. These adjustments are in 0. 5 increments. This is a wel l-dear machine of Cub Cadet and as such you will commonly see it being used in the gardens that extend from about 0. 5 acres to 1 accre of size during the summer. If you have a garden of this size, then the Cub Cadet CC 94 m cadesty is perfect for you. However, if your garden is larger, then you should consider a larger machine, maybe even a walk on the host.

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