Poulan PO15538LT


The Poulan Pou15538lt garden tractor is part of a range of Poulan machines that also includes the garden tractor Poulan Poun Po17542LT, Poulan PO19542LT and Poulan PO12530lt. The 15538LT POsped has a cutting platform with a 3 8-inch cutting width. When cutting the grass with this host, the default option is to download the cuts on the side of the platform. This is good. However, if the grass is particularly long, it will have a very unsightly look to have lots of grass cuts scattered throughout the grass. If you do not want many grass cuts to be everywhere, then your best option is to buy the worship accessory that can be attached to the rear of the tractor to pick them up.

Another option at Poulan PO15538LT is to use a mulching cap. This keeps grass cuts inside the platform for longer, which means that they are crushed much more thoroughly, allowing them to decompose much faster. The engine that operates the cutting and wheel platform produces 15. 5 hp and is launched with a 12 volt battery. The Briggs and Stratton engine obtains its fuel from a tank that can contain up to 4. 7 liters of gasoline.

Using Poulan PO15538lt is quite easy. This is thanks to its relatively low minimum turn radius of only 18 inches. It also has a comfortable padded seat with a 9-inch support. The PO 15538LT has 5 displacement speeds forward and only 1 for reverse. The cutting platform is connected using a manual cable lever. This model is a quality machine to cut Céspedes ranging from 0. 5 acres to a maximum of 3 acres. If you are making anything bigger, then you are the best to use a pruning with a bigger platform of the pruning that has a wider cut width. Click here to buy the Poulan PO15538lt.

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