Cub Cadet CC500BAT


The Cub Cadet CC500BAT Walking Lawnmower is a battery-powered machine that is very similar in every way to the Cub Cadet CC500EL push lawnmower. The main difference between these two lawn mowers is the power source. The CC 500 EL lawnmower is an electric mower that is mains powered, while the CC 500 BAT is powered by a 48V battery. Obviously, this battery must be charged from the mains. Most people consider this model a bit more expensive but more versatile than the CC500EL since it doesn’t have a power cord to limit range.

The Cub Cadet CC500BAT also uses a bail and switch engine start mechanism. One of the annoying things about the CC 500 BAT is the fact that it is not self propelled. Instead, the operator must push it. This means that it is not worth using it to mow huge areas of grass, as this will quickly tire the operator, and there is also a risk that the battery will lose its charge. The tires used on this machine are industrial threaded, durable and do not need to be inflated. The rear wheels are slightly larger, 0. 2 m (8 in) in diameter, while the front wheels are 0. 18 m (7 in) in diameter.

The Cub Cadet CC500BAT lawnmower has a 19″ steel mower deck with just one large blade. This deck can be adjusted from 3. 5″ above the ground to 1″ above the ground in 0. 05″ increments. Since Cub Cadet is a premium brand, you will be pleased to know that they have decided to offer the CC 500 BAT with a 2-year limited warranty, so if you have a legitimate performance problem during that time, you can get it fixed free of charge. A 1. 9 bushel bag loader can be mounted on the back of this lawn mower.

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