McCulloch M12597HRB


The McCulloch M12597HRB Speaker Tractor is almost identical to the McCulloch M12597RB Speaker, except for a simple fact. And it is that the M125 97 HRB uses a hydrostatic transmission instead of a gear transmission to change the march. This means that it is much easier to use. Models similar to M12597HRB include the McCulloch M155107HRB and the McCulloch M165107HRB that are also hydrostatic. The engine that activates the McCulloch M12597HRB is a Briggs & Stratton Powerbuilt engine. This engine provides 12. 5 hp to the cutting and wheel platform.

The McCulloch M12597HRB motor power reaches the wheels through a hydrostatic transmission. This means that it is not necessary to change the march. Instead, to change speed, just move the lever forward or back. The rear wheels operated by the engine measure 20 × 10-8 (20 inches in diameter, 10 inches of width, 8 inches in tire diameter), while the front wheels that direct the cortor tractor measure 15 × 6-6 (15inches in diameter, 6 inches of width, 6 inches in tire diameter). The cutting platform has a cutting width of 0. 97 m (38. 2 inches), which is suitable for gardens of a size between 0. 5 acres and 3. 5 acres. The cuts of the short cut at a maximum height of 10 cm above the ground, up to a minimum height of 1. 5 cm above the ground.

On the front edge of the cutting platform at the McCulloch M12597HRB, you will notice 2 small, anti scalping plastic wheels. These force the platform of the cutter to follow the contours of the land on which it moves, which allows a soft and clean cut, in addition to preventing the platform for the spite of or scratch the grass. The total weight of this corteped is 239 kg. It has a wheelbase of 1. 18 m (46. 5 inches) and a length of 2. 5 m (98. 4 inches).

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