New Holland 50CS Snow Blower


The New Holland 50cs snow blower is a front snow blower compatible with New Holland 1020 and New Holland 1025 tractors, as well as with many others. This large snow blower is very powerful and, thanks to its cleaning width of 1. 27 m (50 inches) and at its height of 0. 51 m (20 inches), it easily faces most snow accumulations, snow accumulations, as well as compacted and wet snow. As most tractors manufacturers, New Holland has designed a quick hitch system for its 50cs launch that will save time and energy when it comes to riding it.

Inside the New Holland 50cs quittings there are endless 0. 33 m (13 inches) folded steel that crushes and happily spray the snow that finds in its path. Next, this snow is aspirated towards the impeller fan and expelled through the duct. The driver has 0. 41 m (16 inches) in diameter and consists of 3 blades.

When the New Holland 50cs is used, it is necessary to turn the hopper manually, it is not electronic or hydraulically controlled. Some people can find this a little frustrating (there is nothing worse than having to spend time when it is cold that pela). The 50cs snow blower weighs 137. 7 kg. This is not particularly heavy, but you can find that the addition of a little ballast to the rear of your tractor to be a good idea to balance it again and provide more traction in slippery grounds. This double stage snow blower (sometimes referred to as a tw o-stage snow pitcher) is generally used by commercial equipment or people who have very large areas to clean, since it is so large. You will almost never see it in a residential environment.

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