Craftsman DGS6500


The Craftsman DGS6500 Garden Tractor Lawn Mower is often referred to as the Craftsman 28746 Lawn Mower. Both are the same machine. The mower deck on the DGS 6500 has a 54-inch width of cut. This means that it is intended for mowing lawns in very large gardens that are at least 1 acre in size. While the deck’s cutting width is 54 inches, its overall width is much higher than this due to the plastic protective discharge flap located on the side. The cover itself is made of strong 10 gauge steel. Inside, 3 small blades work together to give a very even cut to your lawn.

The mower deck on the Craftsman DGS6500 can be raised and lowered over 6 different cutting positions, from a high of 4 inches above the ground to a low of 1. 5 inches above the ground in 0. 5-inch increments. On the platform you will find gauge wheels on the outer edges. The purpose of these is to guide the deck smoothly over the grass without cutting into the ground. To deal with grass clippings on the DGS 6500 you can do 3 different things. The first and easiest is to dump clippings over the side of the deck onto the grass. You can also shred them with a shredding kit that is sold separately. The last option is to collect them in a back bagger to dispose of later.

The engine that powers the Craftsman 28746 is a Briggs and Stratton. This gasoline engine pumps out 26 hp and has a total volume of 0. 725 liters. The engine transfers its power to the wheels through a hydrostatic transmission system that makes the Craftsman DGS6500 automatic without the need to change gear. The total weight of this mower is 265. 8 kg.

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