Bad Boy 5400 Outlaw


The Zero Bad Boy 5400 Outlaw Giro Speaker is the smallest model of the Bad Boy outlaw series. The largest Outlaw machines are the zer o-turning bad 6100 Outlaw and Bad Boy 7200 Outlaw Extreme. The 5400 Outlaw Speaker works with a Briggs and Stratton Professional Series engine. This engine is a bicylinder with a total displacement of 0. 81 liters. The engine obtains its fuel from a gas tank that can contain up to 54. 9 liters (14. 5 US gallons). The engine is not overheats thanks to an air cooling system. There is also a replaceable car fuel filter to prevent any possible particle that is in the fuel tank entering the combustion chambers. The total engine power is 30 hp.

The Bad Boy 5400 Outlaw has a hydrostatic transmission system that allows the operator to control the speed of each rear wheel regardless of the other using the lap bars. This system activates the rear wheels of Badboy 5400. The rear wheels also support most of the weight of the machine. That is why they are much larger than the front wheels, each measures 24 × 12-10 (24 inches in diameter, 12 inches of width, 10 inches in tire diameter). The front wheels are not like the rear. They are smooth, since they do not need to grab the surface on which you move. Each front wheel measures 13 × 6. 5-6 (13 inches in diameter, 6. 5 inches of width, 6 inches in tire diameter).

The Bad Boy 5400 Outlaw Zero Speaker Platform has a 5 4-inch cutting width. This platform has a total of 3 blades, each of which has a length of 18. 75 inches. The blades have a width of 2. 5 inches and are made of steel of a quarter inch thick. They have been thermally treated to prolong their useful life.

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