John Deere 1840


The John Deere 1840 tractor was sold throughout Canada. Its American equivalent (or twin brother, as some call it) is the John Deere 2440 tractor. Both machines are very similar. The JD 1840 began to be manufactured at the beginning of the eighties, in 1980. The engine that propels it is a 4-cylinder diesel. This engine has a maximum power of 60 CV. The engine is liquid cooled and can hold up to 11. 4 liters of water. The total displacement of the engine is 3. 6 liters. The motor is started by a 12 volt battery. The engine drives the tractor wheels through an 8 forward/4 reverse transmission or a 16 forward/8 reverse transmission.

The John Deere 1840’s engine also powers the hydraulic system. It is a closed hydraulic system that has a valve flow of 22. 7 liters per minute. The total capacity of the hydraulic system is 37. 9 liters. The hydraulic system drives the tractor’s three-point rear hitch, which is category 2. The JD 1840’s fuel tank can hold up to 73. 8 liters of diesel. Like most JD tractors, you can buy this one with a 4X2 2WD chassis or a 4X4 MFWD 4WD chassis depending on the functionality you want.

The rear wheels on the John Deere 1840 each measure 16. 9-28 (16. 9 inches wide, 28-inch rim diameter). Front wheels measure 6-16 (6 inches wide, 16-inch rim diameter). The total weight of the JD 1840 is 2, 154 kg (4, 750 lb). The tractor uses a set of wet disc brakes to control its speed. You can leave your opinion about this tractor by filling in the fields of the form that appears just below this article. You can help the Tractor Review community by including as much detail as possible to give a good objective view of what people should expect from their tractor.

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