McCulloch M12597RB


The McCulloch M12597RB Cortorésped Tractor is a slightly more powerful model than the McCulloch M115777RB and McCulloch M115777777HRB. The M125 97RB is closely related to the McCulloch M12597HRB. The only difference between the 2 is that the M12597HRB is automatic thanks to its hydrostatic transmission. The engine that drives the M12597RB is a Briggs and Stratton Powerbuilt engine. It is an engine of a cylinder that uses a splash lubrication system to prevent engine parts from getting into excess. Although the engine is relatively small, since it only provides 5. 8 kW at 2, 500 rpm, it is launched with the help of a 1 2-volt battery. The fuel tank of this model can contain up to 4. 7 liters of gasoline.

The McCulloch M12597RB uses a gear transmission system to bring power to the wheels. It has 6 different progress speeds, but only 1 for reverse. The engine also operates the cutting platform by means of a belt transmission system. The M125 97RB cut platform has a cutting width of 0. 97 m (38. 2 inches), which will already have already guessed by the name. Fortunately, this model comes with a serial bags, which means that if you want to leave your grass with a clean appearance, it could definitely be the machine for you. The borrowing has the capacity to store up to 7. 1 grass bushels before having to empty it.

If you want to save time when using the McCulloch M12597RB Speaker, then it can be a good idea not to collect the grass cuts. Instead, I should think about acquiring the optional Mulching kit to convert grass cuts into a nutritious mulch. You can also place a plastic deflector and download the cuts on the grass. The majority of people with Céspedes that vary in size of around 0. 5 to 3 acres of size will find that this is a very suitable cut.

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