Kubota M5140


The Kubota M5140 is one of the many Kubota M series tractors. Actually there are many different variants of this tractor due to the fact that when you are buying brand new, you have the option of a 2WD or 4WD chassis. You can also choose between an open or cabin driving position. However, the same engine is used in all M 5240 models. It is a Kubota V2403-DI-T engine. This engine is a 4 cylinders with a total size of 2, 434 liters. It has a nominal speed of 2600 rpm. The 4 cylinders has a power of 52 hp and provides the TDF 46 hp. The tractor fuel tank may contain up to 70 liters of diesel in the version with an open driving position, while in the cabin model, the fuel tank can contain up to 90 liters of diesel.

The Kubota M5140 tractor box is marches. This transmission provides M 5104 8 speeds when moving forward and 8 also to go back. Depending on the combination you choose, you can obtain it with a dry stage clutch or with a multiple wet record clutch.

The weight of the Kubota M5140 depends obviously on the chassis you choose and whether you buy it with a cabin or not. Its minimum weight is 2, 200 kg, while its maximum weight is 2, 410 kg. Two M series tractors that have less power than this are the Kubota MX4700 and the Kubota MX5100, while the Kubota M6040 and the Kubota M5640SU are much more powerful than this. Please be sure to leave your thoughts about this tractor below, make sure you sketch what you like about him, while also be sure to mention what he does not like about him.

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