John Deere JS40


The John Deere JS40 spectacés is part of the JS range of thrust cutters, which also includes the John Deere As30 and the John Deere As20. The engine that drives the JD JS40 is a Briggs and Stratton engine. The maximum power of this 4-stroke engine is 7 hp. The engine incorporates an operator’s presence system that turns off the engine at the time the control lever is released for more safety. This engine acts both the wheels and the cutting platform.

The John Deere JS40 platform has a 2 1-inch cutting width that is standard for most residential hosts. As in most JD sel f-propelled cutcases, there are 3 different options to treat grass cuts after they have cut in JD JS40. People who want to leave their grass with an incredibly clean appearance will tend to use the tissue to collect the cuts and discard them away from the grass. Others will use the optional Mulching system to turn cuts into a mulch that rots quickly and is very nutritious. The most lazy ones will not use either of them and will limit themselves to downloading the cuts on the side of the cutter of the corteped.

The rear wheels of the John Deere JS40 are a bit larger, measuring each 9 × 2 (9 inches in diameter, 2 inches wide), while the front wheels measure each 8 × 2 (8 inches in diameter, 2 inchesWide). The cutting height of the cutter platform oscillates between a maximum of 4. 2 inches above the ground and a minimum of 1. 2 inches. To raise and lower the cutting platform, it is necessary to make adjustments using the wheels.

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