Kubota M126X


There are 2 very similar but slightly different versions of the Kubota M126X tractor. One is the normal tractor, while the other is the Power Krawler who uses a caterpillar system instead of rear wheels. The advantages of the Power System in the Power Krawler are that it provides a better traction on a wide range of soil types, in addition to leaving less brands compared to standard tires. Apart from the caterpillars, everything in the normal version and in the Kubota M126x Power Krawler is exactly the same.

Both machines use the same engine that is a Diesel V6108-Ti-Crs model. This engine designed and manufactured by Kubota uses the Common Rail system and is a 4-cylinder model. The engine uses direct injection, which helps start it in cold mornings. It has a total engine size of 6, 124 liters. The turbocharged engine produces a maximum power of 125 hp, while providing the TDF for a maximum of 108 hp. The motor start is made with a 1 2-bolt battery that supplies the 1. 090 cold starting amps. This battery is recharged by an 80 amps alternator when the engine is running.

The engine power reaches the wheels of the Kubota M126x first through one of the 2 different gearboxes. A transmission provides the tractor for 24 speeds both forward and back, while the other transmission provides the tractor 16 speeds both forward and back. The maximum speed of M126X is 38. 1 km/h. The tractor is slowed down by means of a wet hydraulic drive disc brakes. There are also a number of implements compatible with this tractor that can be attached to the rear hitch of 3 points of category 2 or to the Kubota la2253 loading shovel in the front of the tractor.

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