McCulloch M11577RB


The McCulloch M11577RB Speaker Tractor is practically the introductory model of McCulloch’s current range. The engine that drives the M115 77RB is a Powerbuilt Avs engine of Briggs and Stratton. This engine of a cylinder is started with the help of a 1 2-volt battery. The engine remains greased by a splash lubrication system. The engine has a nominal speed of 2500 rpm. This corteped transfers the power of the engine to the wheels using a gear change system, providing the driver 6 progress and one reverse. A model similar to this one that uses a hydrostatic transmission instead is the McCulloch M11577HRB garden cutter.

The McCulloch M11577RB has a very small width of only 30 inches wide. The cutting platform in the M115 77RB can be raised and lowered from a height of 3. 9 inches to a drop of 0. 8 inches above the ground. Unfortunately there are not many different cutting heights for this cutcase with only 6. However, one of the really interesting things of this corteped is that the embolver accessory in the rear comes standard, which means that you do not have to worry aboutBuy it extra. It also means that your grass will be incredibly clean. If you don’t want to collect grass cuts, you can optionally acquire a mulching kit.

The McCulloch M11577RB comes with standard headlights so that it can continue to work, even when it is dark outside. The rear burn has a capacity of up to 200 liters. The total length of the machine with the taught attached to the rear is 2. 29 m (89 inches), while its total width is 0. 88 m (34. 6 inches). Compared to other cutting tractors of other brands, the M11577RB is very light, with a weight of only 190 kg.

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