John Deere D160


The John Deere D160 is one of the 2 largest models in series 100 for the year 2011 launched by John Deere. The only model that is bigger is the John Deere D170. The smallest models are the John Deere D130 and the JD D110. The engine that drives the JD D160 is a Briggs and Stratton ‘Extended Life Series’ (ELS) 44. The model number is “44” because it has a 4 4-inch displacement (or 0. 725 liters in metric terms). The gasoline engine is a 2-cylinder Vicinteros refrigerated by air and natural aspiration. The total engine power is 24 hp. The engine uses cartridge air filters to clean air admission before combustion cameras. The 12 volt battery used to start the engine is loaded by an alternator of 16 amps.

The John Deere D160 comes with a selection of fuel deposits, depending on the model that I buy (California model or normal model). The California model fuel tank may contain up to 9. 1 liters of gasoline. However, the normal model may contain much more gasoline in its deposit, 15. 1 liters (4 gallons USA). So if you are a contractor or you have a lot of grass to cut and do not want to be constantly filling, then be sure to go for the normal model and not the California JD D160.

The weight of the John Deere D160 is 240 kg (528 lbs). Its maximum width when the cutting platform is connected is 1. 53 m (60 inches). The platform has a 4 8-inch cut width. Fortunately, the JD D160 is useful both in winter and in summer. Although it will not have much grass to cut in winter, you can use a 4 4-inch JD snow blower to remove snow. But it can also carry a wide variety of other accessories, which makes this corter tractor very flexible.

4 Reviews of the John Deere D160

My D160 has less than 30 hours and the camshaft has failed. The guarantee time has expired so this comes out of my pocket. I am using a 1 9-yea r-old John Deere who continues to work well, the spark plug has not even changed. I think it’s time to change brand, extra money for JD was a waste.

After 10 years I thought about updating my LA130 to a larger and more powerful model the D160. I don’t have to say that I liked me la130 much better, she started right up and she never exhausted or used it a lot. I am going to make some modifications to mine and see how it is going, but as of today I would not buy the D160, however, they may give me a lemon.

My biggest problem is that it takes a long time to turn over / start.

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