Husqvarna WHF5223


The Husqvarna WHF5223 mower is very similar to the Husqvarna WHF6123 mower although it does not have as large a cutting width, while it is much more powerful than the Husqvarna WHF4817 mower. The WHF 5223’s engine is a two-cylinder Kawasaki that prevents overheating through an air-cooling system. The engine also features a pressure lubrication system to keep everything running smoothly. The maximum power of this engine is 23 hp. Engine power is transferred to the wheels via a Parker wheel motor and Kanzaki pump system. This gives the mower a top speed of 7 mph (11. 3 kph) forwards, while in reverse, it can reach a top speed of 3 mph (4. 8 kph).

The wheels on the Husqvarna WHF5223 through which power is transferred each measure 20×7. 5-8 (20-inch diameter, 7. 5-inch width, 8-inch rim diameter) while the front wheels measureeach 11×3. 5-5 (11-inch diameter, 3. 5-inch width, 5-inch rim diameter). The total weight of the WHF 5223 self-propelled mower is 308. 4 kg. The overall length of the mower is 75 inches, while from the ground to its highest point is 44 inches.

The Husqvarna WHF5223 can handle up to 3 acres of grass per hour using its 52-inch cutting deck. This is a floating mower deck made from 10-gauge steel, though the outer skirting is made from thicker 7-gauge steel. The 3 cutting deck blades are engaged by an electric clutch. One of the great advantages of the WHF 5223 is that it can be used even on incredibly long and wet grass thanks to the fact that the mower deck can operate up to 6 inches above the ground. You can leave a review of this ride behind lawnmower below.

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