Massey Ferguson 65


The Massey Ferguson 65 was manufactured between 1958 and 1964 before being replaced by MF 165.

The MF 65 left the production line with one of the four series engines:

A 4-cylinder continental gasoline engine, liquid cooling and 2. 9 liters, a 4A – 203 4-cylinder diesel engine, liquid cooling and 3. 3 liters, a perkins A4 diesel engine. 192 or a 4-cylinder LP continental gasoline engine, liquid cooling and 2. 9 liters.

The Massey Ferguson 65 has a fuel tank in gasoline models with capacity for 13. 2 gallons of gasoline (or 50 liters of gasoline if it is in Europe) and a fuel tank with capacity for 17 gallons (or 64, 3liters) in diesel models, while the hydraulic system requires 8 gallons (or 30. 3 liters) of hydraulic fluid.

Its factory weight ranged between 1898 kg (4, 185 lb) and 2046 kg (4511 lb) depending on the engine used. The MF 65 measures 133 inches (or 337 cm) in length and has a wheelbase of 84 inches (or 213 cm).

The Massey Ferguson 65 was a reasonably popular tractor of the MF range in the late fifties and early sixties, and currently many preserve it as a collector’s object, while others still use it to work their lands. However, getting insurance for an antivuelc o-free tractor can be very difficult.

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