John Deere 4240


The John Deere 4240 utractor tractor is part of the same Iron Horse range that also includes the John Deere 4440 and John Deere 4040 tractors. This tractor is very versatile, capable of using several front loaders, while their rear hook (category 2/1) You can work with a wide range of implements and accessories, whether cultivators, broken or backhoes. The maximum secure rea r-lifting capacity of this hitch is 3069 kg (6766 lbs). The JD 4240 hydraulic system is closed and has capacity for 41. 6 liters of hydraulic fluid. The engine that activates the hydraulic system is a diesel manufactured by JD.

This engine works with a 17: 1 compression ratio and prevents overheating through a large liquid cooling system with capacity for 28. 4 liters of water. The engine is a 6-cylinder model with a total displacement of 7. 6 liters. It is natural aspiration. The John Deere 4240 engine has a double dry element air filter to clean the air of impurities that have the potential to obstruct the engine and hinder performance. The JD 4240 engine is started with a 12 volt battery. The maximum engine power is 110 hp.

The standard John Deere 4240 model comes with a 4×2 2WD chassis, but there is the option to get it with a 4×4 MFWD 4WD chassis, so make sure that if you are going to buy a secon d-hand model, check if it is a 2WD or 4WD model. There is a slight variation of JD 4240 called John Deere 4240H. Both tractors are practically the same except that JD 4240H has a greater distance to the ground. Please leave your thoughts about 4240 and 4240H in a review below.

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