John Deere LT133


The John Deere LT133 is a driver’s cu t-off designed and made of Horicon, Wisconsin, in the late nineties and early nineties. Its production lasted 3 years before finishing in 2001. Its 1 cylinder Kohler gasoline engine is air refrigerated and develops 13 hp. He transmitted his power to his 4 × 2 2wd chassis through 5 marches. The JD LT133 is on the smallest side when compared to the other John Deere sits on the grass cutters built around this time.

However, one of the advantages of this model was that it was relatively light, weighing only 208 kg (460 pounds). It also had a small turn radius of only 15 inches. Its popular adjustable seat has been specifically designed to offer the operator maximum comfort, so that even when used for very long periods, it is not too uncomfortable.

The John Deere Lt 133 cutting platform is 38 inches wide, which means that it will cut a large amount of grass. The only problem that some people have found is that when the grass is very long or wet, the 13 hp provided by its Kohler engine are not enough to prevent it from being caught and cut. However, like most of the cutcases, the height of the cutting platform is completely adjustable (in increments of a quarter of an inthe knife. In short, the LT133 is a very popular corteped that, despite its short production, is still wanted by individuals with mediu m-sized gardens and by gardening contractors.

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