Massey Ferguson 6290


The Massey Ferguson 6290 tractor was manufactured for 4 years, from 1999 to its completion in 2003. The MF 6290 is part of the Massey Ferguson 6290 tractor series that MF began to produce in the 1990s. The 6290 is propelled by a diesel perkins engine. It is a 6-cylinder turbocharged 6-cylinder engine with a 6-liter displacement. The engine is refrigerated by liquid with a cooling system that needs 25 liters of refrigerant to fill it completely and guarantee optimal operation. Air admission is filtered through a double element air filter. The Perkins engine produces a maximum power of 121 hp. The engine can be mounted in two chassis. The first is a 4 × 2wd chassis, while there is also the option of a 4 × 4 mfwd 4wd chassis.

The Massey Ferguson 6290 is very versatile when it comes to its agricultural exploitation. Its transmission provides a total of 64 marches, that is, 32 to move forward and another 32 to reverse. It has a fuel tank with capacity for 223. 3 liters of diesel. The MF 6290 includes a 3-point category 2 hitch with an elevation capacity of 4173 kg. He will also be to know that the 6290 model comes with a hydrostatic assisted direction so that he never has to fight to control the tractor. The tractor uses an open hydraulic system that requires 62. 1 liters of hydraulic fluid.

The Massey Ferguson 6290 is a very versatile tractor. And that is what has done so popular among farmers in recent times. The MF 6290 can work with such a wide variety of implements that among small and medium farmers is incredibly appreciated and recommended.

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