Craftsman YT4000


The Craftsman YT4000 Garden Tractor Lawn Mower is a mid-size model. It is very comparable to the Craftsman 28672 Professional 42-Inch 24 HP Riding Mower and the Craftsman 13AL78ST299 21 HP 46-Inch Tractor Mower. The mower deck on the YT 4000 has a 42-inch cutout. This deck contains 2 blades that give a much more uniform and smoother cut than a single blade when it is working alone. The deck is made from 13 gauge steel and attached to its edges are 4 anti-scaling wheels that work to keep it consistently elevated off the grass as you mow, meaning your lawn won’t end up with ugly scars. The cover is raised and lowered in 0. 5-inch increments from a low of 1. 5 inches to a height of 4 inches above the ground by a spring-assisted lever.

The mower deck on the Craftsman YT4000 is powered by a Platinum engine that is made by Briggs and Stratton. This engine has overhead valves and a fully pressurized lubrication system. Air entering the engine is first filtered through a paper element air filter so that it is clean and free of impurities such as dust and other small particles. The engine stays cool thanks to an air cooling system. The twin-cylinder engine has a total displacement of 0. 724 litres.

The wheels that the Craftsman YT4000 sits on measure 18×9. 5-8 (18-inch diameter, 9. 5-inch width, 8-inch rim diameter for the rear wheels, while the front wheels are a bitsmaller, each measuring 15×6-6 (15″ diameter, 6″ wide, 6″ rim diameter). The YT 4000’s minimum turning radius is 16 inches, making it very handy ifyou are cutting grass in awkward and hard to reach areas The mower uses a set of disc brakes to control its speed.

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