Craftsman GT5000


The Craftsman GT5000 Garden Tractor Lawn Mower is quite similar to the Craftsman 54 Inch 26 Horsepower Lawn Tractor as they both have the same sized mower deck and the same power output from their engines. However there are some fair differences between them. The mower deck on the GT5000 lawn tractor has a 54-inch cutting width although it’s overall width is a good bit larger due to the plastic discharge flap on the side of the deck. The deck has 3 blades that work more efficiently than a single blade. In total there are 7 different cutting heights that each vary by 0. 5 inches. The highest is 4 inches above the ground, while the lowest is only 1. 5 inches above the ground. The housing is made of 11 gauge steel that will resist warping or breaking from most hits and explosions.

The deck on the Craftsman GT5000 has 4 small anti scalping wheels that force the deck to follow the contours of the ground you are cutting, giving it a very smooth finish. The rear wheels of the GT 5000 support most of its weight. That’s why they’re so big, each measuring 23×10. 5-8 (23-inch diameter, 10. 5-inch wide, 8-inch rim diameter), while the front wheels that drive the riding mower each measure16x6. 5-6 (16-inch diameter, 6. 5-inch width, 6-inch rim diameter). The 26hp Briggs and Stratton engine that powers the mower has a 15. 1 liter capacity fuel tank.

Similar in size, but slightly more powerful than the Craftsman GT 5000 mower include both the Professional 28hp 54″ Garden Tractor Mower and the Craftsman 28985 Professional Premium 54″ 30 HP. As the Craftsman GT5000 is a large and powerful machine, the Craftsman team has also built in functionality to allow it to work with snow blades or a front-attached snow blower in winter, as well as an optional mulching kit andrear bagger.

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