John Deere 1330SE Snow Blower


The John Deere 1330SE 30 Inch Dual Stage Snow Blower is a very powerful upgrade from it’s smaller relative, the John Deere 1028E Snow Blower. The large snowthrower is powered by a 0. 34 liter, Professional Series Briggs and Stratton 4-stroke engine that gives out 16. 5 foot-pounds of gross torque power. Starting the JD 1330SE snow thrower with a pull cord in very cold weather would be a nightmare, so it’s a good thing this machine comes with a 110-volt, push-button electric start. As you could have probably guessed by now, this model is mostly used by professional snow removal crews so if you’re an individual, you may want to consider something a bit smaller and cheaper, like the John Deere 827E Snow Blower..

The John Deere 1330SE is considerably larger and more powerful than many of the other snow blowers in this series and therefore has a larger fuel tank that holds 4 quarts of gasoline. The JD 1330SE is very easy to operate thanks mainly to a number of key features such as its electronically operated chute deflector that can rotate 200 degrees via an electric switch, even better than the joystick on older models, as well as heated handles, whichwhich means that running this model for long hours will not result in frozen hands.

The John Deere 1330SE has a dual halogen headlight to make it very easy to drive early in the morning before going to work if it is very dark. The 14-inch auger on the JD 1330SE is toothy and cuts just as easily through even the most packed snow in its path. The 6. 5-inch X Trac tires that the snow thrower drives on make sure you (almost never) slide even when driving uphill. The transmission on this model is a friction disc drive which gives you 6 speeds driving forward and 2 when reversing. If you need a larger model than this, you should consider the John Deere 1332PE snowblower.

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