Massey Ferguson 275


The Massey Ferguson 275 is the MF model prior to the Massey Ferguson 290 tractor. Massey manufactured it for 8 years, from 1975 until the MF 290 took over in 1983. The model to which he replaced the MF 275 was the Massey Ferguson 175. The tractor obtains its power of a diesel perkins AD4. 248 engine. It is a natural aspiration engine, with a gasoline engine and a gasoline engine. It is a 4-cylinder and 4. 1 lite r-cylinder natural aspiration engine. Use a liquid cooling system that requires 10. 4 liters of refrigerant to fill it completely from a vacuum. It requires 7. 6 liters of oil to fill it completely for adequate lubrication. The engine has a maximum power of 67. 5 hp and is launched with a 1 2-volt battery that is loaded with a 27 amps alternator. There are actually 3 different versions of this tractor. In addition to the standard, there was also a version for rows in rows and another low profile available at the time of production.

The Massey Ferguson 275 can be acquired with 2 different transmission boxes. The first provides the 8-speed 8 speeds in advance and 2 in reverse, while the multi power transmission, of partial power change, provides the tractor 12 marches on the forward and 4 gears in reverse. The maximum speed of MF 275 is 19. 1 mph. Use a hydraulic system that needs 30. 3 liters of hydraulic fluid to fill completely and work at 2300 psi. The fuel tank of 275 has capacity for 70 liters of diesel.

The tractor sits on a 4 × 2wd chassis and incorporates a 3-point category 2 hitch with a maximum elevation capacity of 1859 kg. The transport weight of MF 275 is 2766 kg. This weight increases to 2998 kg when it is totally operational. The maximum weight lightest of Massey Ferguson 275 is 4232 kg (9330 lbs). The tractor has a wheelbase of 2. 08 m (82 inches) and its distance to the ground depends on the variant: the standard tractor has a distance to the floor of 0. 4 m (16 inches), the tractor for crops in rowIt has a distance of 0. 46 m (18. 4 inches) and the low profile tractor has a distance of 0. 37 m (62. 1 inches). There is also a smaller version of MF 275, it is the Massey Ferguson 265.

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