John Deere 4400


The John Deere 4400 referred to in this article is the compact agricultural tractor that John Deere manufactured between 1998 and 2001. However, there is another JD 4400, a harvester that John Deere manufactured in the late 60s and early 70s, but notWe will talk about him here (unless someone wants to do it). If you wish, you can send information about him by clicking on the “Send a tractor” link located in the upper right corner of the page).

The John Deere 4400 is a reasonable compact machine that weighs 1315 kg (2900 lbs). It is propelled by a 3-cylinder and 1. 6-liter yanmar engine, which yields 35 hp. The engine is refrigerated by liquid. The 35 hp are transferred to a selection of transmissions: a hydrostatic with infinite marches forward and back or 12 marches forward and 12 back. The address is 4 × 4, fou r-wheel drive, MFWD. The best thing about this compact John Deere tractor is that, thanks to its 3-point hitch, it can house a wide variety of tools and implements, from scarifiers to cash or stands. While the front of this model, obviously, does not have a 3-point hitch, can also accommodate a wide variety of implements, from chitanieves / quotes to front loaders to snow blowers / pitchers. You also have the option of carrying a cutting platform.

Although John Deere 4400 had a very limited production of only 3 years in the late nineties, it remains a very versatile compact tractor. It is appreciated not only by commercial farmers and contractors, but also regularly in golf courses, due to the wide variety of tasks that you can perform with its many optional accessories.

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