Massey Ferguson 245


The Massey Ferguson 245 tractor was manufactured for 7 years, from 1976 to 1983. It was designed as a substitute for Massey Ferguson 235. It was happened by Massey Ferguson 250. He was succeeded by the Massey Ferguson 250. The MF 245 engine was available in two modelsdifferent. The first is a natural aspiration continental gasoline. This 4-cylinder and 2. 4-liter engine is refrigerated by liquid and is launched using a 12 volt battery. The other motor option is the Perkins AD3. 152 Diesel. It also has a natural aspiration, but it is a 3-cylinder and 2. 5 liter cylindrated engine. This engine is also liquid cooled through a cooling system that needs 10 liters of refrigerant to function optimally. This engine needs complete 7 liters of oil to completely lubricate the engine from a vacuum. Its air admission is filtered with paper and felt elements to avoid dust entry and other particles in the combustion chamber. The maximum engine power is 45 hp.

The fuel tank of Massey Ferguson 245 has capacity for 48 liters of fuel. The MF 245 engine is based on a 4 × 2wd chassis. The engine power reaches the wheels through a selection of 2 transmissions. It can be a Massey Ferguson “Multi Power” transmission of partial assisted change that provides the MF245 12 marches when it moves forward and 4 marches when it goes back. Or you can opt for a gear system that provides 8 marches forward and 2 reverse. The maximum speed of this tractor is 22. 3 mph, while in reverse reaches a maximum of 11. 3 mph.

The Massey Ferguson 245 hydraulic system needs 25 liters of hydraulic fluid to function properly. When it is in operation, the MF 245 weighs 1, 769 kg (3, 900 lb) if it has the gasoline engine installed, while the diesel engine has installed, weighs more, 1, 837 kg (4, 050 lb). At its wider point, the tractor measures 1. 89 m (74. 5 inches), while its length is 3. 21 m (126. 5 inches).

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