John Deere 2320


The John Deere 2320 compact tractor is one of JD’s most recent models. A model similar to this is the John Deere 2305 tractor. JD 2320 is propelled by a 3TNV76 thre e-cylinder Yanmar engine. This natural aspiration engine has a displacement of 1, 115 liters and produces 24 hp. The engine is refrigerated by liquid and uses a double element and dry type air filter to purge the impurities of air admission before entering the combustion chamber. The pressurized lubrication system has capacity for 3. 2 liters of oil, while the cooling system can contain a maximum of 3. 2 liters of refrigerant.

The John Deere 2320 engine transfers the power to the wheels through a hydrostatic transmission that provides the tractor of infinite speeds in 2 ranges. The transmission box has capacity for 9. 8 liters of transmission fluid. The fuel tank of JD 2320 can contain up to 23. 1 liters of gasoline. During operation, the front axle can safely support a load of 880 kg (1940 lbs), while the rear axle can safely support up to 1100 kg (2426 lbs). At the rear of the tractor, you will also find a hitch of 3 points of category 1. This 3-point hitch has a maximum elevation capacity of 650 kg.

The John Deere 2320 incorporates a series of characteristics that would normally be associated with much larger John Deere tractors. They include a differential blocking to improve traction efficacy. Many new users may feel a little intimidated when using JD 2320 for the first time, but the truth is that they should not. Thanks to pedal technology Twin Touch and cruise control, as well as other technologies, handling this machine is really very easy. One of the main points of sale of the 2320 is the fact that it can interact with so many accessories, from a wide variety of cutting platforms to snow blowers (the removed devices of 47, 54, 59 and 60 inches are all compatible).

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