Massey Ferguson 20


The Massey Ferguson 20 is an industrial tractor of the MF team. The tractor can be equipped with two engines: one diesel and one of gasoline. The diesel engine is a 3-cylinder natural aspiration engine designed and manufactured by Perkins. This engine has a 2. 5-liter displacement and is refrigerated by liquid, so it needs 9. 5 liters of refrigerant. The gasoline engine is also a natural aspiration engine and 3 Perkins cylinders that have a 2. 5-liter displacement and is refrigerated by liquid. Both engines use a dr y-type air filter. The engine sits on a 4 × 2wd chassis.

In the Massey Ferguson 20 you can choose between two transmissions. The first is a manual inverter, which provides the 6-gears to the tractor forward and 2 in reverse. The oil capacity of this transmission is 30. 3 liters. The other transmission provides MF 20 8 speeds forward and 2 backward. This transmission also requires 30. 3 liters of oil to stay correctly lubricated. The 8-speed transmission provides the tractor for a maximum speed of 18. 8 mph, while the manual investor provides a maximum higher speed of 21. 3 mph and is also incredibly rapid in reverse, reaching 19. 3 mph.

The Massey Ferguson 20 has a wheelbase of 1. 9 m (75 inches) and measures 2. 89 m (114 inches) long. The weight of the MF 20 ranges from 1415 kg (3120 lbs) if it is the gasoline engine with 8 speed transmission and 1433 kg (3160 lbs) slightly heavier from the gasoline engine with manual transmission. If the tractor uses a diesel engine, weighs 1481 kg. As the Massey Ferguson 20 is not used in agriculture, it has a distance to the ground of 0. 38 m (15 inches). When this commercial tractor of the production line was bought, it could be acquired with an open operator position, optionally, with a 2 or 4 posts ant i-collide bar protection system. The MF 20 is easily distinguished because it is completely painted yellow, instead of the usual red of the Massey Ferguson.

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