Craftsman DGT6000


The Craftsman DGT6000 Garden Craftsped Tractor is not the best known machine for Craftsman’s boys. This corteped is however extremely high range with a 2 7-horsepower engine of the equipment of the equipment in Kohler. This engine is a twin cylinder with the cylinders aligned with the arrabio. It is air refrigerated and uses a paper air filter to clean the air inlet of dust and other particles before the combustion cameras enters. This engine is started using a 1 2-volt battery that supplies 280 cold starting amps that is then recharged using a 15 amps alternator. The engine uses a totally pressurized lubrication system that has a maximum capacity to contain up to 1. 9 liters of oil. The fuel tank supplied to the engine can contain a huge amount of 18. 9 liters (5 American gallons).

The engine power is transferred to the wheels of the Craftsman DGT6000 through an Hydro-Gear hydrostatic transmission. This makes the DGT 6000 an automatic with unlimited speeds that travel forward and backward. Its maximum speeding speed is 9. 3 km/h, while in reverse is 3. 4 km/h. Thanks to the engine power, the DGT 6000 cut platform is very large, with a 5 2-inch cutting width. It contains 3 blades that work much more efficiently than a single 5 2-inch blade to cut your grass. With the plastic discharge lid on the side of the cutting platform, its total width is actually greater, more than 60 inches.

To take care of the pisadora grass cuts in Craftsman DGT6000, you have 3 options; Let them rot in the grass (which can leave your lawn that looks incredibly ugly), Mulch (which is a better option) or recove them in a rear bagger that is the best option (but it is the most wasteful time).

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