Yard-Man 21 Inch Snow Blower


The 21-inch Yard-Man snow blower is, by far, the smallest snow blower you can buy in Yard-Man. It is much smaller than the 30-inch Yard-Man snow blower or the 24-inch Yard-Man snowboard. It is so small that it only weighs 32. 3 kg (80 pounds), so you can easily lift it if you need it. Despite being so light, it works with a gasoline engine. It is a Yard-Man engine of 0. 18 liters and 4 times that drives this machine forward. However, the power is not directed to the wheels. Instead, this 2 1-inch stage removes is propelled forward by its endless. The endless is placed low enough to be in constant contact with the ground, so as it turns, it grabs to the ground like a wheel and drag the machine forward. This is the reason why the sweep has rubber edges instead of folding steel as in the other yard-man quittings, so it does not damage the ground.

As a result of being endless, the Yard-Man 21 inches launches of a single stage has to be manually thrown back. The auger itself has a diameter of 0. 23 m (9 inches) and is responsible for breaking the snow and sending it flying through the conduit located at the top of the housing. The duct is plastic and can turn 180 degrees. The auger obtains sufficient engine power to send the snow up to 7. 6 m (25 feet) from the area that is cleaning.

The Yard-Man 21 ″ ″ comes with a limited 2-year warranty for all those who buy it new. This is a fantastic entry level snow blower that is worth buying if you have a small area that needs to be cleaned for snow or if you have difficult access areas that need cleaning and have to constantly lift the snow blower to get to reachThese areas. Click here to buy the Yard-Man snowboard.

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