Massey Ferguson 135


The Massey Ferguson 135 was produced by the MF team for 11 years, from 1964 to 1975. Often some people confuse the MF 35 with the MF 135, when they really shouldn’t. First of all, it looks totally different from the MF 35. It’s much more “boxy” than the 35. So if you can’t see a number, look at the shape. Early Massey Ferguson 135s did not include a cab or roll bar, but over time MF added a cab to suit much harsher weather conditions.

The only factory variant of the MF 135 is the 2135, which is an industrial tractor and is easily distinguished by being painted yellow rather than the traditional red and grey.

Like the Massey Ferguson 35, the MF 135 came standard with one of these four engines.

  • Perkins model, AD 3. 152: 3-cylinder, diesel with a power of 45. 5 HP
  • Continental model, Z – 145: 4-cylinder gasoline
  • Perkins model, AG 3. 152: 4-cylinder, gasoline with a power of 45. 5 HP
  • Continental model, Z – 134: 4-cylinder gasoline with a power of 39 HP

The MF 135 weighed 3, 645 pounds (or 1, 653 kg for those of you in Europe) when built with the diesel engine, 3, 565 pounds (or 1, 617 kg) when built with a Perkins gasoline engine, and 3, 810 pounds (or 1, 728 kg) whenit was built with a Continental gasoline engine. Like the Massey Ferguson 35, it had a 6 ft (182 cm) wheelbase, but was slightly longer, at 120. 6 in (306 cm).

The Massey Ferguson 135 reached a top speed of 24. 3 km/h in its highest gear and 11. 8 km/h in its longest reverse gear.

The gear system was standard on early 135 models, but over time it was revamped to have three forward gears on the highest gear and three forward gears on the shortest, giving a total of 6 forward gears. The reverse gear was also modified so that it had a long and a short gear.

If you own a Massey Ferguson 135 and would like to review it, please do so below, or if you simply want to comment on the MF 135, you can also do so below. There is also a slightly smaller version, the Massey Ferguson 130 tractor.

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