Bad Boy 6000 AOSD


The Bad Boy 6000 AOSD Zero Turn Mower is very similar to the Bad Boy 6000 COMD Mower. Both machines are from the Bad Boy AOS series of diesel zero-turn mowers and both have a 60-inch overall cutting width. However they are different because the motor that drives the 6000AOSD is much more powerful, producing a maximum power of 35 CV. This power is from a CAT designed and built 4 cylinder diesel engine. The engine has a very large volume for a 60-inch zero-turn mower, coming in at 1. 6 liters.

This massive motor powers the Bad Boy 6000 AOSD’s mower deck allowing you to make easy work of even the longest, wettest grass. The mower deck can cut up to 5 inches above the ground and can be lowered up to 1. 5 inches from your lawn. There are a total of 3 blades inside the mower deck. Each of the 3 is the same, being 21. 5 inches long, 2. 5 inches wide, and 0. 25 inches thick. The platform is raised and lowered electronically. The 35 HP CAT engine drives the deck blades through a belt drive system. In total the deck has 6 small anti-scaling plastic wheels to prevent the deck from catching on the grass and potentially scraping it during operation. Since the 6000AOSD’s platform is buoyant, it is also forced to follow the contours of the ground as you move across it.

The rear wheels on the Bad Boy 6000 AOSD zero-turn mower each measure 26×12-12 (26-inch dia, 12-inch wide, 12-inch rim diameter) and have a turf thread for grip as theythey are responsible for both driving it forward and turning it. The front wheels are much smaller and also smooth so they don’t grab the ground, but allow the 6000AOSD to maneuver easily with little resistance.

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