Massey Ferguson TO35


The Massey Ferguson TO35 was manufactured and produced by MF before being replaced by the Massey Ferguson 35. The tractor can be powered by two different engines. The first is a Continental Z134 gasoline engine with 4 cylinders, 2. 4 liters of displacement and liquid cooling. The Continental Z134 battery is 6 volt. The other option that he had when buying the new tractor is a Standard diesel engine, which has 4 cylinders and a displacement of 2. 3 liters. This engine is also liquid cooled. The battery needed to start the Standard engine is 12 volt. The maximum power that either of the two engines can generate is 33 hp. Power from the engine is transmitted to the wheels via an unsynchronized transmission that provides the MF TO35 with 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds.

The MF TO35 has a top speed of 13. 5 mph forwards, while in reverse it can reach 6. 5 mph. The chassis of the Massey Ferguson TO 35 is a 4×2 2WD chassis and uses a differential shoe braking system. When the tractor is running normally, it weighs 1, 402 kg (3, 093 lbs), but when fully ballasted, its weight is 2, 343 kg (5, 165 lbs), almost double its operating weight.

The Massey Ferguson TO 35 was a very popular tractor in its day and as a result remains popular today and is collected as an antique. These tractors are used very regularly to this day. However, they are often seen with added accessories such as roll bars for added safety.

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