Massey Ferguson 12


The Massey Ferguson 12 is a ride on mower designed and built by the MF team. It ran on the assembly line for a full 9 years, from 1967 until production was discontinued in 1976. The engine that came with the MF 12 is a Tecumseh HH120 engine. It is an air-cooled 1-cylinder gasoline engine. The engine has a displacement of 0. 5 liters and a power of 12 horsepower (CV). This power drives this forward-sitting riding mower through a choice of 2 different transmissions. The first is a hydrostatic transmission, giving you an infinite number of gears when shifting forward and an infinite number of gears when reversing as well. Instead of having a gear stick on the hydrostatic model, to speed up or slow down you just have to push the accelerator more or less. The other transmission option gives you 4 forward gears and only 1 reverse gear.

The MF 12’s engine sits on a 2 RM chassis. The fuel tank of the Massey Ferguson 12 does not have to be particularly large and as such can only hold 9. 5 liters of petrol. Since the engine on this mower is not particularly large, it does not weigh too much overall. Its maximum height is 1. 06 m, while the lawn tractor is 0. 9 m wide. The machine measures 1. 7m in length and has a wheelbase of 1. 11m.

It’s getting rarer to find a Massey Ferguson 12 running and cutting grass, but you can still find plenty cutting grass today. The MF 12 is easily recognizable as it has the same hood as you would normally find on any Massey Ferguson tractor from the 1960s and 1970s, only much smaller.

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