John Deere 520


The tractor John Deere 520 is part of a series of tractors that also includes the smallest tractors John Deere 320 and John Deere 420, as well as the largest and most powerful tractor John Deere 620. Like the JD 420, the JD 520 has3 different motor options. Each of the 3 engines is very similar, since everyone is refrigerated by liquid. All have the same displacement of 3. 1 liters. The three engines are natural aspiration and have 2 cylinders. However, engines differ from the fuel they use. One uses all types of fuel, the following gasoline and the last LP gas.

The John Deere 520 tractor uses a no n-synchronized gearbox with a dry disc clutch that provides 6 advance speed and 1 back speed. Its maximum speed is 16. 1 km/h. The fuel tank capacity of the JD 520 varies depending on the engine used. The gasoline engine model comes with a fuel tank that can contain up to 68. 1 liters (18 gallons USA), while the fuel model has a tank that can contain 58. 7 liters (15. 5 gallonsUSA.). The LP gas model tank has a capacity of 124. 9 liters. The hydraulic system of this tractor has capacity for 9. 5 liters of hydraulic fluid.

The rear hitch of the John Deere 520 is category 2, which allows it to carry a wide range of different implements. The JD 520 is specifically a tractor for rows in rows with a narrow front axle. The front wheels measure 5. 5-16 (5. 5 inches of width, 16 inches in tire diameter) and the rear wheels measure 12. 4-36 (12. 4 inches of width, 36 inches of tire diameter). The wheelbase of this tractor is 2. 28 m (90 inches). The driver controls the tractor speed with the use of a differential expansible shoe braking system. Please leave a comment below if you have ever used this tractor.

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