Husqvarna GTH2550XP


The Husqvarna GTH2550XP cutter tractor has a 5 0-inch wide platform (50 inches is actually the cutting width. Due to the lateral discharge spring, the total width of the platform approaches 60 inches). Within this platform there are 3 blades operated by Correa. The platform can be up and down from a minimum of only 1. 5 inches above the ground to a maximum height of 4 inches. This platform gets up and lowers using a spring assisted lever so that it is not too much work. Models similar to GTH 2550 XP that have a 5 0-inch cut width are the Husqvarna GTH2250 and the Husqvarna GTH2350, cuttizers that are not so powerful.

When cutting the grass with the Husqvarna GTH2550 XP, you have 3 different options to use it. Many people choose to buy a rear bag accessory to collect the cuts as they cut them. This is great, since it leaves the grass very clean and tidy. However, it requires a lot of time, since the borrowing must be constantly emptied and the possible traffic jams. The other problem is that you need a place to deposit all grass cuts when it is over. Another option is to download the grass cuts on the grass, although it is quite ugly. The third option is to use a crusher cap.

The engine that activates the cutter of the cortesped is a 2 Kawasaki cylinders. This engine has a total displacement of 0. 675 liters. The engine drives the wheels of the Husqvarna GTH2550xp thanks to a hydrostatic transmission that converts the GTH2550 xp in automatic without changing march. It provides the corteped with a maximum speed of 8. 9 km/h when moving forward, while backing can reach 3. 9 km/h.

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