Lawn Boy 10640


The Lawn Boy 10640 mower is very similar to other models like the Lawn Boy 10604 and Lawn Boy 10605 in that all of their decks are similar in size. The motor that powers the 10640 is a Briggs and Stratton ReadyStart model. This is a gasoline engine that produces 6. 75 foot-pounds of torque. Unfortunately this model is pushed and not self propelled. This means that it is best suited for gardens that are less than 0. 75 acres in size, otherwise you could find yourself very tired very quickly dragging this machine through your garden. The engine is not CARB compliant which means that unfortunately, it is not for sale in California.

The motor drives the single blade in the mower deck on the Lawn Boy 10640 walk-behind mower. This blade has an overall length of 20 inches and is made of steel. The cover itself is also made of steel. The deck is has quite a depth to it which means it is well capable of handling fairly long grass. This extra space also helps you thoroughly mulch grass clippings. However, you don’t have to mulch grass clippings. Instead, you can unload them from the side of the casing or use the rear bagging attachment to pick them up. The deck of the 10640 mower can be raised up to 10 cm above the ground and lowered up to 2 cm above the ground.

The total weight of the Lawn Boy 10640 push mower is 29. 9 kg. This incredibly light weight means it’s not too tiring to push. The 10640 comes with a 2-year warranty that covers the entire machine. If you prefer a Lawn Boy self-propelled mower, then the Lawn Boy 10606 might be for you.

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