John Deere 4510


The John Deere 4510 compact tractor is the updated version of the Tractor John Deere 4500. The JD 4510 obtains its power from a Yanmar diesel engine. This is the 4TNE84 which is a 4-cylinder model refrigerated by liquid. The engine has a total displacement of 2 liters. Try a 18: 1 compression ratio and has a maximum power of 38. 4 hp. The engine remains lubricated and working without problems thanks to a fully pressurized lubrication system that contains 4. 8 liters of oil. It is avoided that dust and other pollutants enter the engine thanks to a dr y-type air filter that filters air inlet.

In the John Deere 4510 you can choose between 2 different gearboxes to transfer engine power to the wheels. The first option is a Powreverser transmission that provides 12 marches forward and 12 marches. This Powreverser transmission provides the tractor for a maximum speed of 25. 6 km/h. The other option is a partially synchronized Syncshift gearbox that provides JD 4510 9 speeds forward and 3 for reverse. The maximum tractor speed with this configuration is 23. 3 km/h. The standard model comes with a 4×2 2WD chassis, while there is the option to acquire it with a 4×4 MFWD 4WD chassis.

The John Deere 4510 offers a wide range of tires. You can get grass, industrial and threaded tires for him. The total weight of JD 4510 is 1564 kg (3450 lbs). It measures 3. 42 m long. The tractor comes with an antivuelco bar (Rops) that is folding. When the antivuelco bar is completely extended, the tractor reaches a maximum height of 2. 47 m. There are other models of the same series as this. If you look for something smaller, see the John Deere 4310 or John Deere 4410, or the John Deere 4710 if you look for something more powerful.

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