Snapper ZT2654


The Snapper ZT2654 is the largest model in the Snapper 355Z series of zero-turn mowers. The smallest model is the Snapper ZT2446 mower. The ZT 2654 uses a Briggs and Stratton Extended Life Series engine to power its wheels and mower deck. This 2-cylinder overhead valve engine has an overall size of 0. 34 litres. This gives it a power of 26 CV. The fuel tank of this mower has a capacity for 24. 6 liters of gasoline. The engine uses an extra large low noise muffler to help keep the engine as quiet as possible during operation.

This motor transfers power to the mower deck on the Snapper ZT2654. The mower deck is quite large, with an overall cutting width of 54 inches. Instead of housing one blade, the ZT 2654 houses 3 small blades that work in concert to give a smooth, even cut to whatever lawn you’re working on. The mower deck has seven different positions in which it can work. The highest is 4. 5 inches above the ground, while the lowest is 1. 5 inches above the ground.

The rear wheels on the Snapper ZT2654 Zero Turn Mower do all the work. Both are responsible for moving the machine forward as well as turning it left or right. The front wheels have little work to do other than keep the machine balanced and allow it to easily turn left or right. Power is transferred from the engine to the rear wheels via a dual hydrostatic transmission from Hydro-Gear. Power to each rear wheel is controlled through bars located in front of the driver. Moving the bars in opposite directions is what allows you to execute turns without a radius. The ZT 2654 also comes with the option of headlights and a tilting carriage. Click here to buy the Snapper ZT2654, also known as the Snapper 355Z.

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