John Deere 314


The John Deere 314 is much more popular than its predecessor, the John Deere 312JD in Wisconsin. This John Deere Speaker is propelled by a Kohler K341aqs engine of 0. 588 liters that has a power of 14 horses. This 14 horsepower engine has a natural aspiration and is air refrigerated. The engine oil level should be kept at 1. 4 liters. The engine power reaches the wheels through a hydrostatic transmission that makes the 344 cortempted automatic and much easier to handle than a gear lever transmission.

The platform of the cut that comes standard with the John Deere 314 has a 3 8-inch cut width. However, keep in mind that the total width of the top platform is approximately 10 inches due to the discharge fin that stands out. If you have a lot of grass to cut, then you can also fortunately unite a cutting platform with a 4 6-inch cutting width to cover more land. Keep in mind that because the shorter cut platform plus grass will not be able to cut grass as long as the smallest, 3 8-inch cutting platform, without pending.

Fortunately, you can also attach a chip and a front blade to John Deere 314, making it incredibly useful and practical for a variety of tasks around the garden and its property. Even with a 14 hp engine, JD 314 is quite heavy, since it weighs 344 kg. This weight is based on a wheelbase of 1. 16 m (46 inches) and a width of 1. 06 m (42 inches), which makes the corteped quite stable in pending and reasonable slopes. If what you are looking for is a bigger corteped, you may be interested in the John Deere 317.

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