Lawn Boy 10606


The Lawn Boy 10606 Speaker uses an electrical start mechanism in the engine. This is particularly practical if you are not pleased to pull a string of the pull to get your grass cutter to go (although this is really very easy in a gras s-grass cutter of the grass boy). The only inconvenience of the 10606 electrical starting cite is that it is more expensive than the Lawn Boy 10603, Lawn Boy 10604 or Lawn Boy 10605. The engine that is turned on electrically is a Kohler OHV model. This engine works with gasoline and operates both the wheels and the chores of the cutter.

The rear wheels in the Lawn Boy 10606, through which the engine power is transferred have an 8-inch diameter. The front wheels are a little smaller and they have a diameter of 7 inches each. Both wheels are quite narrow since they do not support much weight. The 10606 cutting platform has a 2 0-inch cutting width. This platform of the cortesped can cut the grass as low as just 1 inch on the earth and can be lifted up to 4 inches on the earth so that you should always find a height of the cut that is convenient for your grass.

The Lawn Boy 1060606 cuts includes a rear pickup as standard so you don’t have to worry about leaving the grass cuts on the grass and having to rake them later. You can also crush the grass thanks to the triple cutting blade and the deep cutting platform of 10606. This is ideal to return to the ground the nutrients of the cut grass. If you buy this new corteped, it comes with a 2-year warranty of total coverage that is an indication of the faith that the Lawn Boy team puts in your products.

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