Cub Cadet GT3200


The horse riding cadet GT3200 is an absolute monster compared to any other cadet cub cub (excluding zer o-rotation cuts). It has a powerful 2-cylinder Command engine designed and manufactured by Kohler. This engine provides GT 3200 for a huge power of 25 hp. The engine power reaches the wheels through a hydrostatic transmission, so this automatic cub is automatic. So there is no need to always be changing marching in this host, which can become very annoying after a while. Instead, you just have to change the pressure you are putting on the accelerator pedal.

As the CUB Cadet GT3100 Speaker, there is an option of cutter covers that you can join the CUB Cadet GT3200. The smallest is a 4 4-inch cover while the largest is very large, having a 6-inch cut width. There are also another 2, a 5 0-inch and 5 4-inch platform. All these platforms have 3 blades and are operated by axis, not by belt. This axis transmission means that less power is lost than if belt transmission will be used. There are 4 wheels, one in each outer corner of the platform of the cortesped that prevent scraping or “cutting the scalp” from the ground that is cutting.

To treat grass cuts there are 3 options. The first and easiest is to expel them on the side of the cutting platform. The next option is to use a Mulching kit. The third option is to buy a borrower to collect the grass cuts. The borrowing is coupled to the rear of the CUB Cadet GT3200 as well as other optional implements such as sprayers, cars and aerators. In the front you have the option of coupling a 4 5-inch double stage snow blower, as well as a 5 4-inch front blade. Just remember to add front or rear counterweights to the GT 3200 to keep it balanced when using an implement.

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