Kubota SVL75


The compact loader of Kubota SVL75 caterpillars is the smallest and least powerful model of the Kubota SVL series. The largest and powerful model is the Kubota SVL90 loader. The engine that drives the SVL 75 loader is a V3307-DI-TE3. This diesel engine is very powerful with a maximum power of 74. 3 hp. The 4-cylinder engine is turbocharged and has a displacement of 3, 331 liters. This engine is specifically designed to provide power to the loading shovel. As such, it is not particularly fast despite its impressive power. The maximum speed of this compact loader is 11. 5 kph (7. 1 mph) in the HI march, while in the march its maximum speed is 7. 5 kph (4. 7 mph).

The engine feeds on a tank with capacity for 93 liters of diesel. The engine feeds the hydraulic system. This hydraulic system is the one that activates the loader. The loader has a 71. 2 l/m flow (18. 8 US gallons per minute). The overturning load of the compact caterpillar loader Kubota SVL75 is 2980 kg (6570 lbs). The machine spoon has a boot force of 2814 kg (6204 lbs). The elevation arm has a 2162 kg boot force. In total, the loader has a maximum lifting weight of 2214 kg.

The caterpillars of the Kubota SVL75 on the ground have a total length of 1. 44 m (56. 5 inches). The length of the machine itself is 2. 77 m without the coupled spoon, while with the coupled spoon it measures 3. 58 m. The height of the machine from the ground to the upper part of the cabin is 2. 08 m (82 inches). The spoon has a width of 1. 73 m (68 inches). SVL 75 caterpillar is a quality machine that is incredibly useful in any construction work that has a large amount of loose material that needs to be transported.

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