Husqvarna GTH2448


The Husqvarna GTH2448 Cortation Tractor is a fairly powerful machine similar to the Husqvarna Yth24V48LS or Husqvarna LGT24K54. When it was originally bought, it came with a selection of engines, a Kohler Courage engine or a Briggs and Stratton Ink. Both engines are gasoline. Both use a pressure lubrication system to avoid excessive wear and keep the engine working properly. The engine feeds with gasoline from a 15. 1 liter tank (4 American gallons). The GTH 2448 engine is started using a 1 2-volt battery that supplies the 280 cold starting amps to the engine. Once the engine is running, recharge the battery using a 16 amps alternator.

The engine power of the Husqvarna GTH2448 is transferred to the wheels through a hydrostatic transmission. This makes the GTH 2448 an automatic machine without changing march. Instead, the operator only has to use the pedal to accelerate or stop. Hydrostatic transmission confers to the corteped a maximum speed of 8. 9 km/h. Under reverse, the maximum speed is 3. 9 km/h.

The Husqvarna GTH2448 tractor cutting platform has a 4 8-inch cutting width. Thanks to the fact that the engine provides 24 hp, it means that because the platform is relatively small, it can handle very long grass quite easily. The GTH 2448 platform can be raised up to 3. 5 inches above its grass and lower to 0. 5 inches above it in 6 different cutting heights. There are also some different implements that can be used with this corteped. During winter, the united front snow blower is probably the most useful, but there are others like a rear burn to collect cut grass and a moss rake too.

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