John Deere 7200 Precision Cut


The JOHN Deere 7200 Precision Cut Golf Fields is a driver with driver specifically designed to cut the rough and surrounding areas of golf courses. The engine of this cortesped is a powerful Yanmar diesel engine. This engine produces 26. 4 hp of its 3 cylinders. The total engine displacement is 1, 496 liters. The engine is not overheat thanks to a liquid cooling system. The admission air, before mixing with the fuel, is filtered through a doubl e-stage doubl e-stage air filter to prevent dust or other impurities in the combustion chamber.

The power produced by the engine is transferred to the wheels through a hydrostatic transmission that makes the John Deere 7200 precision cut into a total traction machine. Both the front and the rear wheels have the same dimensions of 24 × 12-12 (24 inches in diameter, 12 inches of width, 12 inches in tire diameter). The 2 front tires have Turf Trac thread while the only rear direction tire has multi trac thread. The JD 7200 Precision Cut golf host is slowed down by means of a disc brake system. The total weight of operation of this corteped is 1179 kg (2600 lbs).

The John Deere 7200 Precision Cut Speaker comes with a luxury suspension seat that also has seat belts. This seat can be adjusted to adapt to its height. The JD 7200 Precision Cut Speaker comes with an antivuelco bar (ROPS), which when connected gives the machine a total height of 83 inches. The total length of this cutter is quite large, 110 inches, while it has a 6 0-inch axes distance. The mowing system in this machine consists of 3 mowing units, each of which has a width of 26 inches or 30 inches. On each reel there are 5 or 8 blades. The diameter of each mill is 7 inches. Models similar to this are the John Deere 2653b precision cut and the John Deere 7400 Terraincut.

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