John Deere 7020


The John Deere 7020 tractor was specifically designed and built to drag heavy loads. The production of these tractors lasted 5 years, from 1971 to 1975, when it was replaced by tractor John Deere 8430. The JD 7020 tractor was enormously powerful for a tractor manufactured at that time. The engine that propelled it was of John Deere’s own manufacture. This engine is a 6-cylinder model that uses an intercover turbocharger and shoots at a compression ratio of 15. 7 to 1. The engine has a total displacement of 6. 6 liters. The cooling of a motor of this size requires a large liquid cooling system with capacity for 30. 3 liters of water. The engine uses a prefilter and a double element paper air filter to purify air admission. The engine oil tank can contain up to 16. 1 liters. The total power of this engine is 146. 2 hp.

The fuel tank supplied to the engine can contain up to 590. 5 liters of diesel. The JD 7020 engine feeds the hydraulic system that has a capacity of 83. 3 liters. This closed center hydraulic system has a flow of 98. 4 liters per minute. The Tractor John Deere 7020 is quite different from most tractors, since it is built on an articulated chassis 4×4 4WD.

The John Deere 7020 tractor has several transmissions. The first is Syncro Range with HI and LO settings, which offers the operator a total of 16 speeds to movebehind. If this tractor is not powerful enough for your needs, you can take a look at the slightly larger version, the tractor John Deere 7520. Do not forget to leave your thoughts about this tractor in a review below.

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