Kubota M8540


The Kubota M8540 utractor tractor is one of the largest machines in the M series. It is at the same time larger and more powerful than others in the series such as the Kubota M6040 or the Kubota M7040 or Kubota M7040SU tractors. The engine that propels M 8540 is a V3800-DI-T Diesel. It has a nominal regime of 2600 rpm and a total size of 3, 769 liters. The 4-cylinder engine uses direct injection technology, which greatly facilitates its cold start. It is turbocharged and produces a maximum power of 95 hp. The engine sits on a 2WD or 4WD chassis to choose from.

The hydraulic system of the Kubota M8480 tractor is operated by this engine. This hydraulic system has a maximum pumping flow of 64. 3 liters (17 gallons USA) in the 3-point hitch in the rear of the tractor. This provides the 3-point hitch from a maximum elevation capacity of up to 3300 kg (7275 lbs). The M 8540 hitch is a category 2. This tractor also comes with the option of an open operator (with Rops) that is perfect for people who use it in warm climate areas. However, if you are going to use it in Aguanieve, rain and snow, then it is better to buy it with a cabin. Depending on your choice of chassis and whether you choose a model with a cabin or ope n-driving position, the tractor weighs between 2270 kg and 2750 kg.

The Kubota M8540 utility also allows you to choose between 2 transmissions. The first is a transmission of changes that provides 8 speeds when moving forward and 8 also for reverse. However, if this does not convince you, you can always opt for the transmission that offers you 12 speeds in advance and 12 in reverse.

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